Leisure is pursing a State of existence, a way of life, is a special performance in modern culture in modern life. Leisure in contemporary life, often become a fashion symbol, covering all aspects of life, such as walking, sports and fitness, travel, shopping, and so on. Pleasing yourself, enjoy the colorful life, leisure has become indispensable to the pursuit of life, one of the indicators of the quality of life.tods outlet

Concept, connotation and functions of casual shoes with new ideals and way of life that are closely related. People with casual shoes dress up the model, brand and content modification themselves, show their gain an aesthetic pleasure and symbolic of spiritual satisfaction. From a consumer perspective, shoes should be both a practical and aesthetic two basic functions, the lack of which would seriously affect the use of casual shoes, practical functions is a prerequisite for casual shoes, aesthetic, symbol, is an extension of casual shoes important features.tods shoes
As casual footwear conforms to the fast-paced speed economic times people's desire for more leisure, so it will become a popular topic in the future. People's values and aesthetics is also accompanied by the rapid socio-economic change and increasingly personalized, diversified characteristics, comfort, fashion, health, personality became the focus of concern and a new favorite.
2009-2010 leisure shoe industry trends in China research and development forecast and analysis report for casual shoes


Industry development present situation analysis and forecast the development prospects for 2009. Recently, some observant netizens discovered, associated with casual shoes the 3P domain name has been registered. According to authoritative sources, with the rise of casual storm, such domain name bullish on the future.tods sale

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Two thousand thirteen-two thousand fourteenths winter men's wool, knitting, the combination of bonded fabrics, such as cotton and synthetic fur, to create a highly sexual attraction to fashion sense. Qiaozhi·Amani (Giorgio Armani) in lineage on the basis of traditional, making classic men's new image. Men's wear fabrics make a new interpretation: good flexibility of the material coupled with classic printing, such as Tweed with a sense of volume, together with the extension of inspiration derived from dolomite extremely bright colors, such as light blue and blue and rust red and Brown as a decoration. Classic velvet and wide-ribbed corduroy pants come, cashmere sweater design to printing and light adjusting the base background color combination creates a strong contrast of joy. Knitted wool fabric of the iconic double breasted coats or trousers mix of short jackets with folding design, perfect combination.Tods Shoes


This season, men's color palette like autumn, visualize, such as oil painting, showing a subtle change of green, red to dark purple gradient, as well as the black, blue and mustard yellow dot. Cool hues of blue and green is the main color of two thousand thirteen-two thousand fourteenths in autumn and winter. Blue and green lines from the introverted ducks green, cobalt blue, and then deep ink blue. One of the most strong saturated color is cobalt blue, can be either on the same color from head to foot, or with the same full-bodied red wine form a CONTRAST COLOR combination. Duck Green is not as high profile as cobalt blue water saturated, but with a gray color, on the Milan men's shows of the week is widely used on coats and sweaters, contribute to the overall color but also have maintained a reserved color feeling. Blue ink is based on choice of another dark blue-green.Tods Shoes


Whether long coat, Cape, waterproof jacket, still in uniform jacket, the contour shape coat chusadi (Trussardi) accentuates the men's tough line. Quietly Ferragamo joined the exaggerated shoulder contour exaggerated the force of the wind, floodlight by extensive use of fabric multiplying effects have also been expanded. Emergence of the cloak and shawl, Milan menswear week cannot be neglected on a trend, whether it be from Deke·bigaipake (Dirk Bikkembergs) two-color on both sides of shawl, is also a Cape coat, are outside of this season's men's classic, add some androgynous feel. Uniform wind in this quarter of innovation, from Bo Baili (Burberry) to Canali (Canali), exquisite tailoring, and emphasizes the waist line of the styling of the tough line, and has a double row of brass buttons and 4 pockets decorative details, makes men more attractive masculine beauty. In addition, the suit remained the hottest single product in the Milan fashion week, one of the most eye-catching is a double breasted suit, fit-slim version, reset button, taking casual shirts or Ralph Lauren round neck sweater, reflected the men's smart casual style.Tods Shoes


As always, Baroque style and the same Italian style, was replaced by flowers in full bloom on the garment printing used to be extensive use of gold embroidery. From jackets, jackets to knit, different styles of Leopard print on the Milan menswear week shine. From an environmental point of view, most designers choose no real fur, but artificial fur. As known an·weisite wood (Vivienne Westwood) design on garments using the Jacquard Leopard-pattern, gives a refreshing feeling. ETRO (ETRO) Leopard coat and Leopard-print shirt of the gradient mix complement each other, spared no effort in the style of the wild in the end. Gradient Plaid inspiration brought about the punk styles of retro trend, men's wear in Milan, have also shown on more subtle changes, Fendi (Fendi) main gradient Plaid shirts, for example, integrated with the narrow tie matching, matching grey trousers looked great. D&G boldly tried to portrait printed on men's Notre Dame, to highlight the distinct personality styles.Tods Shoes